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How do I add Categories for Income and Expenses

I know it shoul dbe obvious but it is not.

This page refers to adding categories

Bit does not explain how / where to add categories to individual purchases.

The only options I can see for any given item in the Statement page is +Note and Tag Me

Tagging does not seem to lead to categories
I am expecting categories like Goods, Vehicle Expenses, Drawings


When you create a purchase, I believe you have the option to select a category on each line item.

If you are trying to categorise a payment as an expense, without first adding a purchase invoice, then when you click TagMe you would need to select the option “Something else not on this list”. You are then given the option of selecting a nominal account (category) from a dropdown list under “Post to Nominal”.

If, however, you are adding a supplier invoice first, then you select the category when you enter the purchase invoice, and in this case when you select TagMe from the bank statement, you go for the option “Payment to a Supplier”.

Thanks for your explanation.

Further related queries.
Is there a way to see what Account and Description an item has been tagged to?
Both on screen and in some export list.

When I click a tagged item the only option is to delete the tag
When I export the records the last column is just listed as tagged.

I know that I can set new imports to be automatically tagged with same tags as previous, but on a test import for some I am asked to confirm and some I have to re-tag which could lead to inconsistent data

When I add a new tag, I would like to use consistent descriptions, but there is no dropdown list for this.

So for one vehicle car tax I might enter the description as Car Tax, and the next one as Vehicle Tax

Other than keeping some separate list, is there any way to consistently add descriptions.

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