How do i add payments that have not gone through the bank

Hi, how can I add in supplier payments that have not gone through the bank account e.g. petty cash, business credit card items to include in my VAT return.

Hello @anns

There is no difference in how the payment is processed in QuickFile.

Raise the invoice, pay it off the invoice and select the associated QuickFile account they were paid from

e.g. Petty cash, Credit Card

Hi Steve, Sorry if i’m a bit confused, I have the bank feed and obviously if I haven’t paid via the bank it will not show on the bank feed.

Hello @anns

So you create invoices from the feed directly?

If that is the case, you can do this in 2 ways.

Either Log a manual payment on the petty cash or credit card account, click tag me and follow your normal process.


Purchases > Show all Purchases > Create > enter the invoice details and the payment details at the bottom (including payment source)

Hi Steve, Big thanks for this i’ll have a go at this for the next related transaction and get back to you if still no joy. Take Care Ann

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