How do I allocate Sales to different nominal codes automatically?


We are a Village Hall with regular users and one off events. I would like to automatically split this revenue into the two streams so that this shows on the P&L.
I have:

  • Created two suitable nominal codes (Regular Hire; Event Hire) within Sales
  • Created two different Invoice Templates - one for Events and the standard one for regular hire
  • Have all Event Hire handled under a single customer called Event Hire.
  • Have regular Customers created as separate customers in the Client Section

I have used a previous post to understand how to catch up on myself and split all of the entries from General Sales, but I can’t see how to set this up as a default going forward?

many thanks, Karen

Hi @Karen_Scott

The best way to do this would be to set up reusable inventory items. This allows you to define a specific nominal code and description, which can then be pulled into a new invoice fairly quickly.

There’s a detailed guide on how to set these up and use them here:

I hope that helps!


Brilliant - all sorted.

many thanks, Karen

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