How do I categorise Planning Application fees to the council?

I have paid fees to the council for a planning application. How do I categorise this? - Legal and professional fees don’t seem to apply? If the planning application is granted then it may count as an asset?

Hello @lew_daniel

If you have a taxable invoice for the fees you should have the council as a supplier and raise an invoice.

If not you could post it into your overheads (next to other fees 7600-7700).

It may be best to ask your accountant how best to record it as I am not a registered accountant nor bookkeeper.

If you don’t have an accountant, we have a panel of accountants to choose from, for more information, please see the following link:

My problem is that Overheads or WIP etc are not selectable categories in Quickfile purchases. What should I select? it’s 0% VAT rated but I don’t know how to categorise it for Quickfile.

Hello Daniel

You can still select overhead codes if you do a supplier invoice.

The same goes for tagging a bank transaction


(7603 Professional Fees is an example)

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