How do i claim just the VAT on a Invoice

Hi we pay £200 on account to our accountant every month from our Bank account this is on the bank feed
I have know received a invoice from Accountant for work done £2050 00 + £410.00 VAT totalling £2460
I don’t have to pay him this as its on account but how can i claim the Vat on it back
we on are cash accounting
Thank you

Hi @mummyhodglim

If you have been recording the prepayments to the suppliers account each month, then just log the invoice and pay as mark it as paid from their credit balance.

As you’re on cash accounting, the VAT would be recorded at the time of the payment. So if for example you paid £200 including 20% VAT in September, this would then appear on the VAT return covering September.

If you go into Reports >> VAT Returns, and view a previously created return, you can download the calculations for this. The prepayment would show up on there to confirm this.

Hope that helps, but please let us know if you need further help

Hi Thanks for your quick reply , i have not been claiming the Vat on the payments of £200 to the accountant

Have you been logging them on QuickFile as prepayments? The system would pick them up automatically in the VAT return.

I believe the VAT on these would need to be claimed at the time of the prepayment as you’re on the cash accounting scheme. If you were on the accrual accounting scheme, then it would be at the time of the invoice.

Although I’m not an accountant, so I’d double check with one to be sure.

Hi I have not be logging as prepayments but just as payment of £200 to the category Audit and Accounting fees each month , this is my first year of using Quick file and this is the first invoice i have had from accountant , I may have been doing this wrong

The correct way to log a pre-payment in QuickFile is to assign it direct to the supplier or client. There’s a brief guide on this here. The guide outlines it for a client, but the process is almost identical for a supplier.

So what you would need to do is go back and untag the pre-payments of £200.00, and re-tag them using the steps in that guide above. This will then add the amount to your supplier’s account ready for allocation to an invoice.

As they wouldn’t have been claimed on previous VAT returns, the system will then pick it up on the next return for you. I would still double check with your accountant however regarding the return. While I can’t see it being an issue (seems you would have paid more to HMRC previously), it’s always better to be safe than sorry and check :wink:

Hope that helps

Hi Thank you so much for this, thats what i shall do then, go through and un tag and re do this way
once agan Thank You