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How do I create a credit note

I have looked through the past answers to this question but your instructions 2015 to select a drop down box atop of the invoice are wrong. The drop down does not have an option to create a credit note for a customer either with or without a an invoice. Surely its a common enough thing to need why does the software not have a simple option for this?

Hi TheVineHouseUK,

Could you go to any invoice, please? Quite at the top there are grey buttons above the invoice. The one on the right handside shows More Option. Click it and it opens a drop down menu. One of these options there should be the credit note option. I hope this helps

… you can also create a credit note from your bank account, petty cash account, merchant account and so on. When you tag the transaction from/in your account there is a option Refund. Click this and pick
customer. At the end it will create a credit note for that customer.

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As I said what you describe here is what was posted in 2015, there is no such option.

Works for me as described. Could you follow the instructions as given above and post a screen shot of what you see?

We’re talking about the “more options” drop down at the top of an individual invoice preview page, not the list of invoices or the summary page for a customer.

Screen shot posted, no drop down for credit notes on my software.

You can’t create a credit note until the invoice has been issued. That is still a draft.

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Okay thanks Folk, bit of a problem, as I have moved over from another package and wanted to issue credit notes. They belong to customers who have yet to re-order. Apart from this fault I prefer quickfile to quickbooks, easier to use and cheaper too. I have got round the problem by issuing a minus figure on an invoice and saving that, next time they order I will adjust this saved invoice.

Thanks for your help

A negative invoice is how you issue a credit note if you aren’t refunding a specific invoice. This will put credit on the customer’s account which you can use to pay off future invoices. You don’t adjust the original credit.

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You can create a negative value invoice and QuickFile will call it a credit note, but with these ad hoc credit notes it won’t let you hold the credit on account for use against future invoices, you have to refund there and then to a bank account. But you could put the refund on a spare bank account like petty cash and then immediately create a new prepayment for the same customer on the same bank account.

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