How do I deal with declined card payments due to new SCA regulations?

I’ve somehow been completely blindsided by these new SCA regulations! First I knew of it was investigating why a couple of card payments over the phone via Stripe required an OTP code.

It’s a very small number of transactions, mostly elderly people paying their service charge every few months who would have sent a cheque previously so I’d like to encourage this to continue but it wouldn’t be worth an expensive solution. Any suggestions?

Hi @bbmpro

As you’re using Stripe already, you could send them a link to view the invoice. If you send the invoice by email from within QuickFile, this would usually include a link for your client to view and pay the invoice online.

Perhaps another option would be to encourage your clients to set up a direct debit through a service such as GoCardless. Although they would need to set up the direct debit online initially (again, the link can be sent via QuickFile), any invoices can be collected automatically without their involvement.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Matthew, we’ll try it.


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