How do I deal with monthly cash payments into my Lloyds bank account within QF

I receive cash payments form some customers and pay them in at the end of the month together in one deposit - how do i account for that in QF - I have set up a bank in the banking section but when the payments show in the bank feed I have been tagging them from the current account bank as transfers from cash account - but then in the cash account it doesn’t seem to reconcile as there are payments out but nothing showing in coming in. how do i deal with that?? I’m sure there must be an easy solution but i can’t work it out!!
thanks Teresa

I think you’re along the right lines, but to reconcile the cash account you would need to pay the invoices from the cash account.

The petty cash account isn’t for this purpose though, I would set up a separate holding account for splitting cheque/cash payments.

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