How do I enter Capital Invested?


I introduced some cash from my personal account. How do I enter this? Is it entered in the Directors Loan account? It is a limited company.

Yes that is correct, entry will be
Dr Bank
Cr Director a/c

Thanks for your help in this.

Also, I have had a few invoices where I have entered them from the purchase screen and marked them as paid as they were paid for from my own personal bank account yet need to go through the business. So I marked the payment as coming from a Current Account (as it was neither my business bank account or paypal account I already have set up) But this of course creates a negative balance on the Current Account. How do I correct this?

You can record payment from director a/c. Delete transactions from current a/c

OK, so just literally delete the transaction I entered and re-enter them all again using ‘Paid from DLA’ instead?

Hello, don’t worry, I have sorted it now.