How do I Export ALL Client information, including additional contact information?

Running the backup zip file only seems to give me the default contact information, but I have multiple contacts and need all of the information. How can I export this? Thanks

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Hi @Matthew

This isn’t possible at the moment, but we will consider adding a separate CSV file to the backup with a list of contacts

Thanks for the reply. That is really disappointing since many of my clients have multiple contacts, and I have just presumed that all of this data will be exportable. Now that I need to, I can’t. Can this not just be added as another field to the export facility? Its a bit odd that its not there already. I can’t be the only person that has this issue?

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I can’t recall this coming up before, but I may be wrong.

I’ve changed the title of this thread and changed it to a feature request. We’re more than happy to look into this further if there’s enough demand from the community.

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