How do I link my QuickFile and HMRC accounts for MTD?

Apologies if this has been asked and solved already.

I’ve been told by my accountant that I need to link my government gateway and quickfile so they can submit a VAT return.

They have said:
“As this is the first return we have to submit through Quickfile you will need to connect your software to HMRC to allow us to submit returns through this. If you have not yet created a Government Gateway account please do this and once you have your account number and password you should be able to add this into Quickfile to connect the accounts. If you require assistance please let us know. We will then register you for Making Tax Digital so we can process this return by 7th October.”

In Quickfile, under ‘VAT Settings’, there is an option to ‘Enable Online Filing’. if I select that it expands revealing further options such as ‘Use MTD Features’, ‘User ID’, ‘Password’, ‘Branch Number’, ‘Postcode’, and ‘EC sales’ etc…

My browser is pre-populating the User ID and Password with my email and some hidden password (which browsers do from time to time). My question is, is where I should be adding my Government Gateway ID and password?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Hi @evan

If you go to Reports >> HMRC, you can link your HMRC and QuickFile accounts here.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! It’s worth pointing out, in case my original question is vague, my accountant already has access to file with HMRC and submits already. It’s just now with MTD, that this and Quickfile need linking and hence my accountants instruction.

Does that change the answer? It feels like my accountant’s details should already be under ‘Reports > HMRC’, which they don’t appear to be.

Does your accountant use QuickFile Affinity?

I’ve no idea. Their instruction is as above.

Affinity is the Accountant’s portal for QuickFile. If they have an “Agent Services Account” (ASA), they would need to link it to their Affinity account. As the Affinity account is then linked to your account, it will automatically show up in the HMRC page, similar to this:

Hi @evan,

Have you managed to sort this now?

Yes thank you, I believe so.

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