How do I Log a payment

I’m very new to QuickBooks and accountancy.
My wife is set up a baking business at home and she has just sold her first birthday cake.
The client paid via bank transfer.
What do I do to log the payment in QuickBooks
thank you

Hello @jkeep123

You can create a bank transaction and tag it.

View your bank account in QuickFile > Create > Enter the date, Description, Value and select Money In/Money Out

What you would tag it as would depend on what you have already done (e.g. have you already created an invoice)


More information can be found at the link below

I haven’t made an invoice for the client should I or should I just lock the money as it comes into the bank account? Customer pay via bank transfer?

Hello @jkeep123

Was an invoice issued?
Do you have to report any vat to HMRC?
Are you going to be storing your Invoicing records in QuickFile?

Hi Steve,
No, it’s just a basic sole trader earning probably £100 - £200 a month if we’re lucky, we just want to keep things above board with HMRC.
Basically, if someone orders a cake from my wife, she will take a small deposit via bank transfer then the rest via bank transfer before collection so we just want to keep things as simple as possible



Hello @jkeep123

  • Record the bank transfer As I mentioned
  • Tag it as “Something else not in this list”
  • Make sure 4000 is selected > Save

This method would not record any customer details other than what you enter on the reference


  • Record the bank transfer As I mentioned
  • Tag it as “Payment from a customer”
  • Create a new invoice for this receipt
  • Create New Client
  • Enter the details > Save

Thank you, Steve. I will give that to go when the kids are in bed.



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