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How do I mark a payment as bad debt?

we don’t have “Mark as Bad Debt” section on More Options. How can we use the “Mark as Bad Debt” option?

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi @youngyounger

When the invoice is at least 6 months old, the option to mark it as “Bad debt” should appear automatically.

Hi @youngyounger,

When this happens there are some screenshots here with a step by step guide: How do I mark an overdue invoice as a bad debt?

Thank you so much both of your quick response. But the problem is we are giving to our accountant all invoices this month. We need to mark last six months invoices as ‘‘bad debt’’ this month

There are certain rules around the length of time an invoice has to be unpaid before being considered a bad debt.

If your accountant can advise on how to record this, we’ll happily help you record this in QuickFile.

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