How do i put my new credentials into the software

how do i put my new credentials into the software, im getting a 401 error code

Hi @river,

Where are you seeing this error? Where exactly are you trying to put your new credentials?

Hi Beth, i see the error code when i submit my vat return

i have been in contact with hmrc and they say i need to put my credentials into the software but i dont know anything about computors

Hi @river,

This error means that your account isn’t authorised. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your VAT account. This should solve it

how do i disconnect and reconnect

Hi @river,

There is a MTD troubleshooting guide here: Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

Hope this helps

the guy i spoke to at hmrc helped me reset my gateway but it still doesnt work

Hi @river,

Have you done as above and disconnected the account and then relinked it?

Hi Beth, i have done 24 times now and still the same

the guy at hmrc also said that my link with them is ok

Have you worked your way through the troubleshooting guide and made sure that it is not one of those things?

Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

i have done everything im capable of,i was advised to contact you

Hi @river

Can you please let us know the exact error message you are seeing (e.g. what is shown on your screen, and where)?

When you say you’ve disconnected it 24 times, was this done on the HMRC page (in your QuickFile account, go to Reports >> HMRC >> Select your account >> Click Disconnect)?

Hi Mathew, the error code is 401, status, MISSING_CREDENTIALS,
Message: Authentication information not provided

Thanks @river.

Disconnecting and reconnecting HMRC will do the trick. To do this, follow the steps in my post above, and then reconnect the HMRC account.

Hi, just done that, same error code

Let me send you a private message to get some account details.

You should see a green notification in the top right hand corner shortly.

Hi Mathew, i trust this is the private message box

Hi @river,

No, this post is on the public forum, the private message will appear as a green notification by your avatar and when you are in the message you’ll see an envelope in the top left hand corner