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How do i recover my accounts

We are unable to log in, it is not recognizing our username or password, we have tried everything and when we try changing the password it says the email address is not found or username. It is like we have been hacked and the information has been changed!

Any advice would be appreciated as our bookmarks etc no longer work

Thank you

Have you tried putting your email address in on the main QuickFile web site?

www.quickfile.co.uk - click ‘login’

Pop in your email address:

That will 1. confirm your access URL, and 2. confirm if your email address is associated with any accounts

Feel free to send me a private message with your account details. I would however suggest you first identify all accounts associated with your email as @Parker1090 suggests.

We have tried that and even tried getting the password changed and nothing is working, Its saying our email address does not exist. Trying to pm you Glen is not letting us do that either, We are getting really stressed and trying to run a business with no accounts

You should now be able to send a PM

I have sent you a private message on this forum that you should be able to reply to. I just need to know your company name and email so I can investigate further.

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