How do I restore from a Back up file?

I set up a back up schedule and I would like to restore to last weeks file, or undo what I have done today. How do I do that?

There is no functionality to restore to a specific date in QuickFile.

No cloud based accounting systems have restore or rollback functions this is due to the complexities of restoring large amounts of data on a multi-tenanted database, it’s very different from a desktop environment.

The backup is there really for peace of mind. All the data is supplied in a collection of CSVs and can usually be ported to another system or reintegrated with Quick File using the manual data import tools. There’s a bit of work involved but it’s far better than being left with no data at all.

You can use journals to correct previous mistakes, deleted items can still be accessed and restored, you can also freely delete most items providing they are not locked within a closed accounting period or VAT return,

You can find detailed explanation in the below post:

I have a backup file saved. if there is no functionality to restore these then why have the functionality to create them?

I read this previous post. It does not explain how to use these back up files.

It does, and so do all the other topics asking the same question.