How do you change a name on purchase

Is it possible to change a name on a purchase reciept as i have about 10 that all have been logged to the wrong supplier. Currently looks like I need manually note them down then to delete them all and start again. Is this the only way?

As with invoices you can modify the name if in correct

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You can just go into them, click Modify, and then click ‘Modify’ again above the suppliers name:

I only get the “modify” link on unpaid purchase invoices. When I go back to a paid purchase there is no option to modify the supplier name there.

… which I suppose means that one workaround might be to untag the relevant payments from the bank account view(s) to make the purchases unpaid, then change the supplier, then re-tag the bank transactions to reinstate the payments.

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I’d guess that once it’s paid it would be locked in some way to prevent changes. Although, your workaround seems to work!

Thanks for your solution never thought of that