How do you upload a homemade excel csv file onto the system

Is there a way to do this? It does not seem to recognise my files correctly

make sure you tag parameter correctly, first line is normally IDs

how do you do that please?

what are you trying to import?

Is this an extract from your bank statement (containing debits and credits) or something else? If it’s a statement, just go to bank account in QF, click Import statement, choose your bank from the drop-down, find the .csv file and click upload. This should drop the amounts straight into your QF bank account, ready for tagging.

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No this is an excel sheet that I have created as the bank does not allow you to download old .csv files so I have tried to create then by copying and pasting the info Into an excel doc

your first line should say as follows


To expand on what Accountant has said, the .csv file needs to have these columns (going from left to right):
account name
account number

Out of interest, who do you bank with? When you are online with your bank and decide to do a download from an account, it will then create a .csv and probably put it in the My documents=>downloads folder on your computer.

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