How to add bank account

hello, how to add a bank account if the bank is not on the list and the account number is 16 digits and there is a place for 10 digits only

The account number can be left blank, it’s only there for your own reference. And the bank name only matters if you’re going to be using an automated feed, if it’s not a bank where QuickFile supports a feed then it’s perfectly fine to leave it as “other”.

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Thank you very much. Then I wonder how to add the new account to the invoice as I added the new bank account and on the invoice I still have the old one and do not know how to change to another. It looks as it is placed automatically without possibility to change. I would like to use two accounts for different currencies.

Do you mean you have your bank details shown on each invoice in the “Payments Terms” or “Footer” section and want to change these bank details/ add the details of another bank for a different currency?
If so, you can do this by going to Account Settings >> Invoice Customisation and click on the field you want to change/add something.

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