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How to allocate payment recieved

I have received a payment from a client who has multiple outstanding invoices. The payment was made to via Stripe, but not through QF.

When I try to tag the payment showing from a live feed from Stripe, it says there are no outstanding invoices for this client.

How do I handle this?

“Payment from a customer” -> “pay down multiple invoices…”, type the name of the client, then it should let you assign the one payment across multiple outstanding invoices.

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This is what I do, but it tells me there are no open invoices.

Then you need to go to the invoice and then check the payments attributed to it. You must have already marked it as paid up and as with everything in Quickfile, you can just click through related invoices and payments etc to find out exactly what was done where and when.

I think we are all getting a bit confused.

When you look at the client there are invoices outstanding?
Stripe integration says that there are not?

Just looked at bank tagging - to work around when it tells you that no invoices for the client just click “save”. This will enter it as a pre-payment. Then just pay off the invoices manually.

Yes when I look at the client, it shows outstanding invoices, Yet when I try tag a payment, and then “Payment from a customer” -> “pay down multiple invoices…”, and find the client, at says there are no outstanding invoices.

Understand that the client did not pay through the QuickFile link, he paid via a Stripe payment link on my website.

Hi @AdventurePro

What is the status of the invoice itself (e.g. Sent, Draft, Paid in Full, Paid in Part, etc.)?

Sent - multiple invoices to the same person

Are the invoices and the payment all in the same currency? If they are different currencies this could be why the invoices aren’t being brought up as outstanding?

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No the invoice is South African Rand, but Stripe payment is Pounds. How can I handle this?

If the payment is in a different currency to the one the invoice is in, you will need to go to the invoice and use the “Log Payment” button. This will prompt you for the exchange rate/GBP equivalent and create a pre-tagged transaction for you.

The original transaction from Stripe can just be deleted as it would then be a duplicate.

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