How to allocate to correct ledger

We took a payment for £1350. £950 of it belonged to our agent and should have been paid to his account. However he owed us £950 so told us to keep it. How can I move it from our bank, to his account so I can tag his invoice owed ?

So essentially the payment of £1350 just needs to be split into two payments, one of £950 “from your agent” to pay his outstanding invoice(s) and £400 from the actual customer to pay theirs.

How has the £1350 been dealt with so far? Is it just an untagged transaction on your bank feed or has it already been recorded as a payment from a customer? If the former then just delete the untagged £1350 and replace it with separate £950 and £400 transactions that you can then tag separately.

so far, its just recorded as an untagged payment from Mr.Customer
I have not made an invoice for them yet because I cant work out how to allocate to the right places.

So would you suggest logging the incoming payment, not to the customer but as two separate payments, one from agent and one for the hire item? with a note giving the customers name.

That sounds like the situation you’re in, yes - your agent owed you £950, which the customer has paid on the agent’s behalf, and the customer owed you £400 in their own right.

The agent will have to make adjustments in his own books to offset what the customer owed him against what he (the agent) owed you, but that’s his problem rather than yours.

Not exactly…
The customer paid us 950 for agent 1
who owed us 950.
Ive entered that against the invoice as payment recieve from agent 1, and made a note on the payment relating to the customers payment.
The other £400 was also not ours, it belongs to the same agents second company so AGENT 2.
I have an invoice showing what we have paid out for the item. But have no idea what to do with the other side. If I log a payment recieved, It wants me to tag it and I cant tag it to a purchase.
Cannot think my way round this one at all now. And Raising an invoice for the customer will increase the revenue…I know the expenses will take it off again but…it doesnt feel right in my brain

Right :slightly_smiling_face:

Ive gone to the invoice for the hire item and paid it from the bank, logging it with the details of the customer payment instead of paying it from the bank.

I think thats right, ?

So you’ve paid out for a purchase from “agent 2” and you are now being reimbursed by your customer for the cost of this purchase? In that case you could use the re-billing feature - select the tickbox for the relevant purchase in your list of all purchases, choose “more options” then “rebill to client”. Leave the “markup” at zero and select “contra expenses”. This will create a new sales invoice for the same amount as the original purchase against which you can log the £400 payment received, but in your profit and loss it will cancel out the original purchase rather than showing the same amount as both income and an expense.

Got it down to basics :
outstanding purchase : for hire item £400
outstanding invoice for Agent £950
payment from smith for £1350 (950 collected on behalf of agent.)
The payment for hire item balances out leaving £950 in our account that belongs to the agent but is owed to us for work.
How do I give that £950 that belongs to the agent, to the agent, to pay off what the agent owes? in quickfile

Im so utterly confused.
I havent even tried to do this whole tagging thing yet because.
Ive just noticed £280 in the suspense account…when i look at the balance there is £400 difference??
The credit balance is £400 higher. I have no idea how this can raise a suspense of £280 when the differnce is 400.
currently the £1350 recieved from the cuatomer was separeted into two.
£950 which was paid on behalf of the agent by the customer which I put through as coming from the agent.
and the 400 which I paid the invoice with from the customer.
I have had an error like this before where I hadnt sent an invoice but marked it as paid, but I cant find any so I dont think its that.
Its literally driving me insane.

and the 400 that I put

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