How to apply discount in the invoice and edit a decimal quantity

How mates, impossible in the invoice or estimate creation to edit a decimal quantity. I general use m2 and the decimal is not allowed.

The same comes when for discount. I t is nice for the client to see how much discount is applied and see it separately.

Thanks for your help


Discount you can show by entering negative amount as line item, see also if decimal working in picture

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Thank you so much for the quick answer.

I see how discount could be invoiced and shown.

For the decimal I saw already the in pricing is an evident and feasible option, but is not possible in QTY column.
Any idea on that?


Quantity column is not taking decimal value but as work around you can reduce unit cost

thank you .
do you think this an option that will be introduced shortly?
I personally do invoices of products sold by meters. The sell is not always in integer features and for client is not alway easy to understand id expressed in another unit.

Perhaps @Glenn can look into this feature

It has been raised before (see this post), the solution is to enter the unit quantities in the description field. We do support decimal quantities for time based entries but not yet item based entries. You may allow this in the future but only to two decimal places, this will bring it inline with time based entries.

Unfortunately it’s not a trivial fix and regrettably not something we can look in the near term.

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