How to change invoice number?

I had to delete 1-6 and 7th invoices. but now when issuing new invoices, my “invoice number” starts directly from 8. how can i fix this situation. Or will it be a problem for me in the future?

Hi @aykut

Generally once an invoice has been deleted you can’t reuse it’s number. We don’t permanently delete the invoices for (mainly) two reasons - to keep a clear audit trail, and just in case it’s been deleted on accident.

However, you can simply restore the invoice and edit it, should you wish to do so. Deleted invoices can be found by selecting “Deleted” on the invoice management screen, and then you can restore it to edit it.

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The answer to that one is no - it doesn’t matter where your invoice numbering starts as long as from that point on there are no unexplained gaps in the sequence. Many new businesses that don’t want to appear obviously new will choose to start their invoice numbering at some random number like 2836 rather than 000001.

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