How to change the date of donation

Hi there,

Can someone plese tell me how I can change the date of a transaction that has been tagged as a donation? For example, let’s say I created a transaction in the Current Account for a donation of £10, tagged it as a donation (Donations (8200)) and set the date as 21/04/2020. If I now need to change the date for the same transaction to 22/04/2020, how can I do this please?

You should just be able to click on the date of the transaction in the bank account and change it with the popup there. Is this a transaction you’ve only just created or one that’s been there for a while? I find when I first tag transactions it sometimes leaves the date greyed out, but re-loading the page is enough to make the date editable again.

Hi @ian_roberts,

Thank you for explaining how to change the date. I was able to do this using the information you provided. Thanks again!

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