How to change vat date

Hi,I,m trying to submitted vat dates from 26.05.2019 - 25 08. 2019, won,t let me

Hi @Linda_Blofield

Are you using Making Tax Digital? Do you need to submit the return, or just record the return on QuickFile?

Usually VAT periods are from the start of the month to the end of the month. Are you able to give us a bit of context on the situation regarding the dates and hopefully we can help you further?

HI, are vat is every 13 weeks, we are a milkman and splitting half way through a month is impossible.We are using mtd, and this is the 2nd time of submitting.

Thanks for letting us know @Linda_Blofield.

With MTD, the VAT periods are set by HMRC. When you go to generate a return you should see a list of periods with either “Open” or “Filed” next to them. These are the ones HMRC sends to us.

If your required period isn’t listed, or if the dates are different to what you expected, you would need to query this with HMRC directly I’m afraid.

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