How to correct incorrect tagging?

I have spotted an incorrect tagging of a payment 2 VAT quarters ago - so I cannot de-tag as the VAT quarter is closed - see details below. Please advise how to best correct this.

On 1/10/15 Credit Card account transaction : Debit £50 in Credit Card account to customer EE (deposit). QuickFile automatically generated an invoice #QF00096 and the payment was tagged to this. This is correct.

On 4/10/15 Current account transaction : Debit £50 in current account, which should have been tagged to the Credit Card account as a transfer, but instead was tagged as a payment on account to EE.

My VAT return is correct, but my current and credit card accounts in QuickFile are wrong as the result of my incorrect tagging.

I would be grateful for some guidance as I want to close the accounts for the year. Thank you.

You could locate that payment on account and refund it back to the bank for exactly the same date, thus reversing the original £50 Debit. Then add another £50 debit and tag it as a transfer to the credit card account.

Perfect - it worked a treat. Many thanks for the excellent, fast support

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