How to correctly account for period of VAT in non-vat registered business

Hi. The title may be a bit unclear so I’ll explain what I need to do. I’m starting fresh for 2021-2022 I’m self employed and wish to set up new books for this tax year. I am not VAT registered although I was on the flat rate scheme at 6.5% for the first few weeks of the year 6th April - 30th April.

I’m thinking that for this period I can enter a summarized total for the periods sales but how do I show the VAT charged being as my accounts in QF are set up as non-vat? Now I’m thinking deduct 20% from sales total and show that figure separately somewhere as a lump but then how do I show the 6.5% that I’m liable to pay to HMRC?

This period is already accounted for in another software and the VAT is paid I just need to get the totals for the period into QF so at the end of the year my self assessment for the next year is correct.

Please advise if you can many thanks.

Hi @karlj

If you have the correct figures elsewhere then you could make adjustments to the return that you’ve run within QuickFile to match the figures. As long as you have backup to reflect these adjustments then this shouldn’t be a problem

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