How To create a Custom report for mileage and smarter entering of mileage?

Hey All,
I’m looking to move away from Excel for mileage so I can have everything in QF. Yay.

I’ve gone through the steps for recording Mileage as per QF’s guide at

I’m looking for the next step of a report so I can see quickly how much in mileage I’ve spent. I’ve tried a few custom reports but I’m just getting a blue flat line. If I look at the Supplier of “Expense: Approved Mileage” (As per their guide) I see one entry I’ve done as a tester dated #QF00502 , 29 Apr 2020 , £42.80 , PAID . I’ve altered the date ranges but still getting a blue line.

As a side note, I’m having to work out the £ manually so Start> Run > Calc > 107*.40= 42.80 . And then typing this into the description of the purchase. Is there a smarter/more efficient way of doing this?

My two questions are:

  1. Is there a way to create a report based on the Supplier’s reference number?
  2. How does everyone else generate mileage reports as a follow on to the QF guide above?

Please & thanks so much in advance,

Technically you should already have a milage report prior to inputting in to quickfile.

Everyone using milage allowance is required to keep a log of their journies.the article you linked just explains how to put that log in to quickfile, it’s not meant as a replacement for the actual log which you should be keeping.

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