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How to declare stock we sold to a customer

I purchased items from AliExpress and had them delivered to a client. AliExpress charged me for the stock as well as the delivery charge. The items I marked as a stock asset on QuickFIle and the delivery as postal charge/delivery in a purchase invoice.

I now want to make a sales invoice to indicate we transferred this stock to a client. How do I declare this in QuickFile?

The stock code on the balance sheet is not for this purpose, its for closing stock. When you buy stock, it should be recorded as purchases and delivery charges is a direct cost, you can record it undercarriage in or record it as part of the purchase price. Once sold just record the sales invoice as normal. QF offers a very limited inventory system, I don’t think so its a track inventory system at all.

Sorry this just got me confused can you try to explain it simpler

Yes. Create a purchase receipt for the stock and tag the payment.

Then create a sale receipt including your delivery costs and tag the payment received.

Basically the stock nominals are not used for your current problem. They are an end of year adjustment for any stock not sold.

Am I doing this part right?

No, 1st line code should be purchases under category

To put General Purchases