How to delete duplicate bank account

can I delete a current account that I created not realising there was one already set up, all the journals I post go to the wrong account and there seems to be no way to delete it even though I have cleared all transactions

Is there an opening balance on that account?

Are you trying to delete “Current Account 2”? This actually is the system current account (nominal code 1200), which is why it can’t be deleted.

You could however move all the entries into there using the re-coding tool, rename this account then remove the other account.

Hi Thanks for your quick reply, I have just noticed the nominal code difference’s, I will try to move the entries using there-coding tool as you have said! Wish me luck !!

I have just gone into chart of accounts and there is no re-coding tool on the version I am using !! Help again please

I had a look and I don’t think the re-code tool will work as you have quite a few journals going in there. You could manually edit all the journals, but I would think it’s not worth the time.

Personally I would just leave the accounts as they are and just label the disused account accordingly.

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