How to delete or detach a company from Affinity

If you no longer need a company on your Affinity dashboard there are two ways you can remove any unwanted profiles. Both have slightly different consequences so please read carefully.

Close/Delete the managed account completely

If you have absolutely no further use for a company account managed within Affinity you can log into the relevant account and follow the procedure here to wipe the data within the account and delete the profile completely. Please exercise caution with this option as this action is not reversible.

Once an account has been instructed for deletion it will usually disappear from your Affinity dashboard within 15 minutes.

Detach a managed profile

You may have temporarily linked an active Quick File account to your Affinity dashboard, perhaps to assist a client. You can at any time detach a managed profile directly from the Affinity dashboard by clicking on the corresponding “Options” button and selecting “Detach profile”.

Accounts that are detached must have team members to remain active. Any detached accounts without team members will be queued for deletion.

The billing for Affinity is calculated on a daily basis, from the point you detach a profile you will no longer be charged thereafter for managing that account.

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