How to detag bank entry for the client which is deleted

I have one bank entry for payment from client on which VAT is already submitted and hence the payment is locked. I have also tagged that entry in bank against that client. Then after I have deleted that client from the system.
Now, I realised that the tagging is wrong and hence I want to detag that entry from Bank and want to tag under correct client but I am not able to detag the entry since the client was deleted.
Please advice, how to detag the bank entry for client which is deleted from the system???


On top menu, go to Sales> View All Clients> Scroll down to end of page, click Deleted radio option and there you can restore desired account .

Hi @Nquery

The detag option would be disabled because of the VAT return submission rather than the client being deleted.

Are you able to give us a few more details about how the transaction is tagged now, and how it should be tagged? Perhaps we can help you resolve this another way?

Thank you for your response, I got your point.

But just for your refernce, I found another way that is, without restoring that client, I can show refund balance of that payment and then created new Bank entry with “Money In” and tagged that entry against correct client.

But now your bank balance will be wrong.

But I have created different bank account only for this purpose. So I have not touched any entry in my original bank Account. And the client accounts are created two times in the system with different name, so I just removed entries from the one account.
Then also it affects my bank balance?

If you used a new bank account then no it won’t affect your bank balance on your proper bank account, but it’s probably left a new balance in the new bank l.

What you’ve done will work, but the proper method would have been to roll back the vat return. Detag the payment and re tag it to the correct client. Then re save the vat return.

But if this way has worked for you, perhaps leave it how it is, and follow the other process next time.

Yes, I will check and follow.

I read it as they’d refunded the balance of the unallocated payment (i.e. money out) and then created a new payment (money in) for the same amount and tagged it to the right client - net effect on the bank balance zero.

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