How to disable stripe payments on invoice

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I activated a while ago the option to display the link on the invoice so clients could pay directly using STRIPE. However, it’s not something that I wish to offer any more.

How can I deactivate this option?

We use Stripe as a payment gateway so we will need the automatic feedback coming from Stripe.


Hi iberfood
Enter that link in your browser and change company to your company

In the middle you can see a link, click it and tick the box on the right handside.

I think they can still click elsewhere to pay online though if I’m not mistaken. Like from the button in the control panel?

You can disable this option within the client details page. However, if you use the feed but not via Quickfile the payments are not automatically attributed to invoices.

It can be disabled as a client-level option, or an invoice-level option.

For a client-level, you can just modify the client and tick the box to restrict Stripe.
For invoice level, as @Lurch suggests, you can go to the invoice itself, click More Options* >> Pay Online and disable it there.

Thank you for your help! Problem solved!

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