How to do bulk upload of prepayments?

I am doing the bookkeeping for a community food-buying co-op. The system works by clients paying credit into the co-op’s bank account, then using that credit to pay for invoices at a later date.

I have read the QuickFile instructions on how to add credit for a particular client manually (which tags them to the “Debtors Control” nominal account), but I need to do that in bulk. When I upload a bank statement all the prepayment credits are imported into QuickFile, but if I tag them to the “Debtors Control” account then I am not able to apply the credits to invoices.

Any ideas?

You need to upload the transactions and tag them from the bank, you can do 50 at a time using the bulk tag method.

Select the following:

Now select “These are pre-payments”.

This will allocate as payments on account to the client you specify.

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Thanks. That should do it.
I’ve already tagged all the entries - A couple of hundred of them - and it seems like it’s not possible to do this now (or to change any tags in bulk once a tag is set). Is the only option to do it individually or delete all the entries and start again?

Yes for those already tagged it would be best to delete and re-upload. You could untag, but these would need to be done individually and may be time consuming if you have many entries.

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Thanks very much Glenn

I did as you suggested and re-imported and tagged all the transactions.
I now have a customer with a couple of hundred invoices, and a credit amount that can be applied to the invoices individually. But I don’t seem to be able to apply credit to all the invoices in bulk. The “Updated as paid” button does not give the option to apply prepaid credit. Is there any way other than one at a time?

There is no way to apply pre-paid credit in bulk, so that I am afraid would need to be done individually.

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