How to document an expense claim

I do an expense spreadsheet for my out of pocket expenses
I also have started to use the receipt hub to store receipts
My question is how do I relate my expense spreadsheet to the receipts in quickfiles receipt hub ?
Also how do i put the expense spreadsheet in quickfile so i can tag the receipts to it ?

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It really depends if you’re an LTD or a Sole Trader?

Either way I’d recommend searching the forum, there’s a lot of posts covering this subject.

at the moment im sole trader but changing to ltd next tax period
Can you point me in the direction of a post because ive serched before and not finding relevant info ?

For example i can find this but it dosent seem to me this eitheir completely applies to me or the users issue was resolved effectively

I would recommend first having a look through the following post:

Self Employed Expenses

You would probably need to enter the purchases separately or upload as a CSV.