How to email a Credit Note to Supplier

I’ve raised a Credit Note against a suppliers invoice, but can’t see where or how I can email the Credit Note to the Supplier.
Your help sorting this would be appreciated.
Many thanks

Hi @mesholmes1956

There is no way of doing this because usually the supplier would be giving you the credit note and not the other way around.

I hope this helps, but if you require any further help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Hi Sian, it doesn’t really help, I would normally (pre QF raise a Debit Note to a supplier) but can’t see this as an option?? I need to let my Supplier know there’s an issue with an Invoice somehow, ?? Is there a way to do this?

Hi @mesholmes1956

If you have a query about an invoice you’ve received, you would need to contact the supplier directly. There’s no option to do this within QuickFile, only sales invoices (you have issued).

Hi Mathew, thanks for coming back on this.
I may have a solution.
Click to open (view) the document
Click on the PRINT button on the document
This will open the document in a new (Chrome) tab
Right click on the document then click to print
In the print box, which will open up, under destination select Save as PDF and click to save.
I have been able to then email the PDF to my suppliers.
It just might help others with me putting this on here.
Kind regards

Hi @mesholmes1956

I’m glad you’ve found a solution, I hope this works for you.

Hi Sian, yes, it’s solved my problem, all thanks to my husband.
Kind regards

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