How to Email a Receipt to a Client

Hi Can you let me know how I can send the client a receipt so it looks similar to the invoice we sent out as they need to claim expenses from their employer?

Hi @Linda

The receipts within QuickFile only really show what invoice the payment is allocated to, and doesn’t show much detail.

What would likely be a better option is to email the invoice itself once it’s been paid. This will show an outstanding balance of zero.

HiThanks for your prompt respoinse. Is there anyway the invoice can say" Paid in Full" as I am sure I have seen that on invoices in the past?

There certainly is! :slight_smile:

Providing it’s enabled, you’ll see this when you view an invoice (and providing it’s paid in full of course):

You can enable/disable this for the web view and the PDF view individually. This setting can be found by going to Account Settings >> Invoice Customisation, and then clicking the ‘Status’ box:

Thank you very much it worked!!

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