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How to email invoice and CC a second person

Hi, when I email invoices to the accounts@… email address of some of my clients, the Directors also want CC’ing in.
I know we just need to tick their email address for it to be sent to both accounts@… and director@… but the way it is sent is causing a problem.
When ticking both addresses Quickfile appears to send two individual emails rather than just one to accounts@… which CC’s the Director. Almost every time the Director replies to me telling me to send the email to accounts@… and not to him (but that I should CC him in).
And, every time, I have to reply to him saying that is what is happening!
It’s a perception issue.
So my question is, is there any way to actually have the additional recipients, such as director@…, appear as a CC’d recipient rather than get their own copy of the invoice?
Hope that made sense.

Hi @mkayes

Unfortunately this way of CC’ing emails isn’t supported by the system. However, in the body of the email being sent out it does say:

+++ This is a Carbon Copy. The original was sent to ‘mail@quickfile.co.uk’. +++

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Hi Sian,

Looking at the emailthe Director receives I can see it does say “This email was also sent to: accounts@…” but right at the very bottom of the email - which is way farther down than any Director would normally read :slight_smile:
I don’t suppose there’s any way for me to move it to the top?

Hi Martin,

You are correct in that the email is sent multiple times, it’s not actually a CC. The reason for this is the tracking on the links are different to be able to know exactly who is following the link to view the invoice, i.e. was it the director or was it the accounts team?

Unfortunately we’re not able to change this behaviour, the only thing we could potentially do is append somewhere to the email body a statment to say that this email was also sent to xyz email recipients. It’s not something we support right now but we could potentially look at adding this in the future.

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for that information. I don’t really use the link tracking on invoices - I always attach a PDF because I work in data privacy and link tracking goes against the grain :slight_smile:

I don’t think the Director looked at the invoice at all as he was away skiing at the time.

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