How to enter a Vat Payment

can anyone explain how to enter vat payments & tax payments as they arent suppliers as such.

Hello @cookie11

If you have a bank feed or import a statement the bank transaction will already be showing.

If you do not have a bank feed or import a statement you can just add a New Money out transaction on you bank in QuickFile

You just Tag it as “Tax payment to HMRC” as shown in the clip below.

vat payment

many thanks for the reply but i dont seem to be able to find where to add the payment.
if i go into the banking it shows what bank account i use & if i want to add a new bank account & when i am on my bank account i cant find a drop down to add the payment like what it is showing what you did.
thank again.

Hello @cookie11

Please see the extended clip below for adding a bank transaction and tagging it as a vat payment.

add bank transaction

Thanks, got it done in time.

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