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How to enter one purchase including several nominal codes and how to make salaries show in purchases?



I have been “tagging” inputs from the bank statement and found that they do not show up in the “Purchases”. I read the " [Miscellaneous bank tagging]" document and can see now I should be tagging each instead as “payment to a supplier”. This is fine and now shows in the purchases list. However I still can not work out how to split an entry over several nominal codes/ how to create a complex journal which is then displayed in the “Purchases”. Please can you advise on this?

I also can not work out how best to enter salaries. Again i have been tagging these from the bank statement only but these do not show on the “purchases” list either and I would like them to. please advise on how to enter salaries as well and how to make them show on purchases list.

thank you for your help


Hi @Fwrp

It may be best to create the purchase invoice first, although you can modify them after they’ve been created. This would allow you to enter multiple lines for the invoice; each line can have a different nominal code if you wish.

This depends on what they consist of, but generally these would be entered as a journal. Perhaps this thread would help? Recording payroll


Hello thank you for getting back to me. Yes I have tried to enter as a journal and also as a purchase invoice and found in both cases that it is not possible to include “proprietor drawings”.

(I have a receipt to account for, shown in the bank statement too. It includes both office equipment and drawings)

Thank you re payroll info I will look at your suggested document


A journal should show the Proprietors Drawings Account as an option, providing you see this in your Chart of Accounts report (Reports >> Chart Of Accounts). All nominals there are available in the journal.

For this, you may find this topic helpful (" Mixing Business and Personal Transactions")


Ok I have now managed to create an appropriate journal. How do i link this to the bank statement and purchases list?


Journals won’t appear in the purchase list. If this is for the salary, it wouldn’t be a purchase.

If you need to link it with an entry in the bank statement, you can create line for the bank statement itself as part of the journal.

Are you able to share some details of the journal (e.g. what you’re trying to achieve), and perhaps we can point you in the right direction?


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