How to export receipts with a copy of the photographed paper copy

I have the free version of Quickfiles. I must have missed something as I cannot find how to filter my receipts for tagged (Client) receipts, then download the expenses + copy of the photographed receipt.
I have used the ‘+’ button on the app to capture receipts with the photo, description and tag.

Hello @MikeFlo

Tagged client receipts can be viewed vis Sales > View Payments

You can download your associated documents via the Document Manager

Ok - thanks (Document manager is a subtopic under ‘tools’ ! I can see the receipts PDF’s. How do you filter the list for different clients (tagged) and can you create a report with the receipt listing + the associated image PDF’s.

Hi @MikeFlo

I don’t believe there is a way of doing this from the Document Manager, or seeing it as a report. However, when you are looking through your purchases and sales, you can see which one have got documents attached to them.

So for example, when searching for a client “Alun Jones” I can see that there is a document attached to one of the entries, but not the others.

I’m sorry I couldn’t have been of more help on this occasion.

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