How to file for selling services on


I am planning to sell my services on Fiverr.

I found only 1 topic here on the same subject, but it was created 4 years ago. (Sales/Purchases from online community?)

I would sell web design services. I would not buy anything from my Fiverr balance on the platform.

Here is how withdrawing would look like:

I sell a service → Fiverr processes the payment → I get the funds to my Fiverr balance (in USD) → I withdraw the funds to my Payoneer business account (in GBP).

1, Would I have to include the currency conversion in QF?
2, How should I file it?

Based on the previous post, I would do the same for filing the things on a Fiverr merchant account.

What is not clear is, should I create 2 merchant account for both USD and GBP currencies? This is what I did with PayPal as I had USD, GBP and EUR currencies. I created separate accounts for them.


Hi @Mark_Kajdi

From what you have described I would have a Merchant account for Fiverr set up in USD so you can show the funds going into your Fiverr “account”.

You then withdraw the funds to your Payoneer business account so that account would be set up in GBP and you would show the transfer from USD to GBP here noting the amount that you withdrew in GBP

Yes it makes sense. Thank you!

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