How to find supplier prepayments

Hi Glen,

My year end account foe 1July 2014 to 30 June 2015 are showing an £8,500 debit balance on the creditors control account. My accountant is sure that I’ve made a mistake somewhere but I’m struggling to find it. I have checked all my transactions against payments made and everything ‘seems’ to be in order. I’ve checked to see if I’ve inavertently posted duplicate credit note(s) but can’t find anything that could account for this amount of money. I do have quite a few invoices that I’ve deleted but can’t find anything that cold account for this anomaly. Is there any way I can see if any of my supplier accounts are showing prepayments?


Hi @suejin

I’m not @Glenn but I’ll certainly try to help :wink:

If you go to Suppliers > All Payments, this will list any payment assigned to suppliers. Using the advanced search feature you can view just the unallocated payments. This should hopefully explain where your missing payments are.

I hope that helps!

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