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How to Generate a New Supplier Login

Good morning

Can you assist me with the following issue, please?

How can I create a new client login to allow the client to access their account when they have lost the first login that was automatically created by the system and sent to them by email?

Thank you in advance for your support.


Did you set a password that they were using to log in (that you sent them at some point) or were they just logging in using the links in invoices?

If the former just go to the client control panel, click the settings cog on the user/contact in question and tick the ‘new password’ option.

If the latter following a link to any invoice or quote will log them in so they can click the link to their control panel.

Lurch (great name!)

Thank you.

I am still learning and couldn’t see the solution which I now see following your advice.

Thank you. Problem resolved.


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