How to handle rounding differences?


I have an invoice from our website host:

Sub Total (Ex VAT) £62.94
Plus VAT @20% £12.60
Grand Total (Incl VAT) £75.54

I made a payment in Quickfile and entered £62.94 as the Sub Total but then get:

Plus VAT @20% £12.59
Grand Total (Incl VAT) £75.53

How am I supposed to correct this particular rounding error? Any help would be much appreciated!


See this post from Glenn for a solution.

Hi Lurch,

Thank you for posting that, I should have mentioned that I did try Glenn’s solution but unfortunately it doesn’t work for my particular case. I can correct the total with an adjustment but the VAT is still off - if I correct the VAT then the total is off.

It’d be great to be able to get all of the numbers matching up with my invoices/accounts so any further help would be really appreciated.


Another way you can enter this is from the multi-invoice entry screen. So locate the supplier, go to the “Create new” menu and select “Bulk purchase entry”.

This method then lets you override the VAT amount as you wish.

Actually the normal invoice entry lets you override VAT, but it doesn’t let you exceed the amount of VAT permitted by the given percentage.

Hope that helps!

Hi Glenn,

Thanks so much for taking the time to provide me with a solution - it worked a treat! I’m sure others will appreciate it too.

Have a great weekend.

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No problem, glad to help… Have a nice weekend!

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