How to invoice a client for train fare, and how to tag it correctly


I’ve just joined Quickfile for my sole trader business and I’d like to get everythoing right form the start (if possible!).

I need to invoice a client for a fee they are paying me, but it also includes the cost of my train fare.

How to I categorise the train fare in the inovice? I have created an item called ‘travel’ but in the description field under ‘additional line settings’ it automatically allocates it to ‘general sales’ - presumably that’s not correct? I can’t see a relevant category for travel - can anyone advise?

Also, in banking where I can see the train fare coming out of my account - how would I tag this? …and how does it sync up with the fare reimbursement I’m invoicing the client for?

Many thanks in advance.

Hello @goodsquare

You would record the purchase of the train ticket as a normal purchase - create a purchase invoice assigned to a category like “Travel”.

You then have 2 options:

  1. If it’s a brand new sales invoice (e.g. nothing has been created yet), you could rebill the cost and contra it, meaning the sales invoice will use the exact same nominal code (more info here: Rebilling Expenses). This will create a new sales invoice for you with the line already there.

  2. You can use a nominal code such as General Sales

I hope this helps!

Thanks for this, much appreciated.