How to invoice clients with monthly installments?

Scenario - Annual Fee £1000

Advance Payment £250 (payable immediately) and balance of £750 payable in ten monthly installments of £75

Thanks in advance.

Hi @saf213

Generally, for multiple payments, you could use the recurring invoice feature, and even set up and enable a direct debit to collect the funds automatically for you. However, there are a few things to consider here, such as, is this for an on-going piece of work (e.g. web site management)?

If it’s continuous work and on-going for the full 11 months (1st installment + a further 10), then monthly invoicing with the recurring invoices should be fine. If it’s a one-off piece of work with split payments, it should be one invoice, as the date on the invoice is also the date for tax purposes.

However, I’m not an accountant, so it may be worth speaking to yours to advise you on the best situation suited for your business. But we’re happy to point you in the right direction on how to achieve what you’re trying to do on QuickFile.

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Thank you for your prompt response.