How to link multiple entries on a single scanned receipt?


I’ve purchased several items, all of which have been individually itemised on my bank statement. The printed receipt shows them all on a single page, which I have scanned into Receipt Hub.

How do I attach that single scan to each of the separate transaction?

Many thanks


Hi @Phil_Broom,

I don’t think it is possible to attach one receipt to multiple invoices. You will have to send multiple copies to the receipt hub, one for each transaction.

Alternatively you could group the bank transactions to one? so just delete the ‘others’ and add the total to the one with the scan?

Thanks Beth, I’ll give the multiple scan a go.

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Hi, the easiest way is to only create one purchase invoice with all of the items on it and then tag all of the bank transactions to it one at a time. Each one will part pay until it is complete. Then you have one receipt to tag.


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