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How to log payments


So I am planning on stopping sending invoices via QuickFile and sending them from my banking app directly.

However what I have noticed is it won’t let me create a transaction under the bank account when I click payment from a customer it makes me create an invoice.

Is there any way around this?

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Hi Joe,
That is the correct behaviour. The invoices created in quickfile are only for your records then and refer to the payment shown in your bank account. You can add a note to that invoice with the original invoice number created in your banking app, so you can keep track.

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In that case I will just stick with QuickFile for making invoices and estimates otherwise I’m making more work for myself.

Thanks @rhc for always responding so fast to my silly questions :joy:

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You are welcome.
My invoices are created outside quickfile as well but I wouldn’t say it is more work. You have to create an invoice anyway it doesn’t matter where. After you got the money in your bank account you tag the payment to the invoice created in quickfile or which will be created automatically by clicking the tag button (for the one which was original created in your banking app).

I don’t have integrated accounts I don’t know how to set it up and I don’t feel the business is turning over enough to start splurging in automation.

I wanted to make invoices in Monzo Pro and then the only thing I need to do with QuickFile is upload the statements each month and tag everything but that’s not the case as I have now found out.

That is exactly what i do and how it should work. Once a month, upload your bank statement and tag all entries. It will create invoices but those invoices are not for your customers, only for your records. All these steps you have to do anyway, wherever you create your original invoices for your customers.
Hope it makes sense

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Thank you. I’m going to create a new bank account on QuickFile tonight and test it out

Thanks @JoeT for asking this question, and to @rhc for the answer provided.

I’ve always created my original invoices outside of QuickFile. When I started using QF for my accounts I manually created simple one-line invoices to match those I’d already sent out. Then I was tagging these in the bank screen.

I didn’t realise that QF could automatically create those for me. I’m going to give that a go.


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