How to manually send an overdue invoice reminder?


I can’t see a way to send one of the preconfigured overdue invoice emails manually. The info at is helpful, but I want to be able to review and send manually, as the popup at says is possible. I simply can’t find out how to do it.



You can send one of these reminders manually but only if one is due. So if the invoice is appearing on the credit control list you can pop open the preview dialogue and select the template.

At the moment there’s no way to send these ad-hoc.

We may be able to look at including these templates in the general invoice preview screen (i.e.) where you send the invoice originally. I’d need to consult on that.

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Okay. Excuse my ignorance, but I can’t find a screen named ‘credit control list’ - is that the ‘Outstanding Invoices’ link under ‘Sales’?

No, not your ignorance…I don’t think you can access this screen without there being an overdue invoice.

Normaly you would see a red warning on the dashboard like this that would take you there.

You could manually navigate there using this link:


Although there would be nothing to see as no reminders would have been triggered, hence why we don’t show a link anywhere.


If you want to force a reminder to be triggered you can locate the invoice on the main invoice list and click on the hour glass icon.

You can then change the schedule manually. If you make a change though, give the system 5 mins to trigger the alert and then you should see that red box in the dashboard.

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Brilliant, thanks @Glenn.